Tuesday, July 01, 2008

McClatchy League score: Sacbee 12 – N&O 10

Today McClatchy Watch reports “Great News! - - - McClatchy killing fewer trees.” The “A” section of the July 1 Sacramento Bee, McClatchy's hometown flagship newspaper, is “a mere 12 pages.”

McClatchy’s sister paper, the liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer, did better in today's "killing fewer trees" contest. It’s July 1 “A” section contains “a mere” 10 pages.

McClatchy Watch also reported McClatchy closed yesterday at a new 52-week low.

McClatchy Watch does an outstanding job tracking the decline of the once thriving and reliable McClatchy news organization that continues drifting left on its news pages while its financial troubles grow.


Anonymous said...


MNI => $6.34 @ 2:11 PM. Another new 52 week low.

I suspect they are headed down the same path as Air America.


Anonymous said...

I think most of us are accustomed to biased reporting, but this article is over-the-top biased. This would be a perfect example of why newspapers are committing suicide right before our eyes. When this garbage passes for journalism, then keeping them on life-support is too generous.

Candidates' wives under media microscope
San Francisco Chronicle , by Carla Marinucci

Michelle Obama shops at Target, hates pantyhose, and made the ["fist bump" cool.]
Cindy McCain favors Oscar de la Renta, and has a [credit card bill that's been somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000 this year.]

Last week's best-selling Us Weekly magazine cover featuring the [embracing Obamas] and the headline [Why Barack Loves Her," ]
Vogue's [soft-focus profile] of Cindy McCain last month, complete with [fashion layout] shot against the Arizona red rock.

Cindy McCain has appeared more wary of the media, and [hasn't appeared as at ease in expressing her views on marriage, her husband or key issues.]
Obama seems able to [project "more chemistry and pizzazz - a flirty energy" with her husband as expressed in the "fist bump."]

Michelle Obama, who [grew up on the South Side of Chicago.]
Cindy McCain, the [heiress of a beer distribution fortune.]

Anonymous said...

Wives continued: This verges on sick journalism, IMO.

Michelle has her challenges, [conservatives seized] on her comment that Obama's campaign made her "really proud" of the country for the first time.
Cindy McCain has had her own challenges, such as carefully explaining some of her more difficult personal history - a [past addiction to prescription drugs], and the [couple's courtship while the senator was still married to his first wife.]…. ["Recipe-gate,"] …