Friday, July 04, 2008

McClatchy's Raleigh N&O and George Soros

Here's Mike Williams' letter today. I make no comment now but will tonight.

Archer05, one of John in Carolina’s commenters, remarks that George Soros is buying and selling McClatchy stock. This isn’t the first connection we’ve seen between Soros and McClatchy. Plus we know that Soros is seriously into regime change in the US, and we also know what motivates him. Soros reportedly has:

· Secretly funded a debunked study that claimed 600,000 deaths in Iraq

· Funded a study alleging hundreds of false statements by the Bush administration about the war in Iraq

· Funded a smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly

· Collaborated with Al Gore in establishing a new world order based on climate change

So now we’re getting confirmation that Soros’ money has its tentacles deep into a U.S. newspaper chain that includes my own rag, the N&O, as well as The Charlotte Observer. Want to bet that Soros’ money wasn’t behind the N&O’s recent Gitmo series?

Well, where’s James Bond when you really need him? Albert Broccoli is no longer with us, and Hollywood and the MSM are fixated on Bush and the military as the sources of all evil in the world. “Tomorrow Never Dies,” we hardly knew ye.



R.I.P. Jesse Helms. No telling what the N&O would have gotten away with without you.


Anonymous said...

Of course, our diligent and objective journalists will immediately train their attention on Soros and his financial interest in communications media. Right. And the Easter Bunny is alive and well.
Soros is a crypto-communist and is hell-bent on destroying our nation.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

There is a very good case to be made that Soros is KGB/FSB. It is certainly something that ought to be raised in any examination of motive.