Sunday, June 22, 2008

Obama makes a trade

We all know about Senator Barack ("Come to save us") Obama and his abandonment of his pledge to rely on public campaign financing.

Obama made the pledge as part of his “uniting America” meme and before special interests began each month pumping tens of millions of dollars into his campaign.

When that happened, it was “about face” for Obama, who welcomed the special interest money and abandoned his pledge to rely on public financing.

So be it. He has a right.

But I couldn’t help smiling when I learned this is out on the Net:

Obama has traded his Unity Pony for a Cash Cow.
Hat tip: Archer 05


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John -

Along the lines of your posting, there are two great article at NRO. One by Geoffrey Norman titled: The Mendacity of Hype which is at:

The second one is by Peter Wehner titled: St. Barack was Mirage. This is at:

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