Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dems struggle with good news from Iraq

Peter Wehner at Contentions reporting on "A Double Dose of Good News from Iraq" (extract):

...These developments confirm the judgment of David Brooks in his New York Times column today: President Bush was right in his decision to move ahead with the so-called surge, and we are seeing the fruits of that decision in the security, economic, and political arenas.

What remains worrisome is the reaction of leading Democrats. Two years ago they were arguing that we should leave Iraq because the war was lost; now they are saying we should leave Iraq because the war is won.

The more subtle reality is that enormous progress has been made but, in the words of the 9010 report, our achievements remain fragile, reversible, and uneven.

To withdraw precipitously from Iraq now, in light of the gains that have been made, would be self-defeating. After far too long a delay, we now have in place the right strategy in Iraq, with the results to prove it.

What matters now is whether our war-weary nation and its political leadership can summon the will to see this endeavor through to completion, and to success....
Can we agree the Dems had a "quit" policy for Iraq which they've tossed aside and replaced with a new "quit" policy?

Wehner's entire post is here.


Anonymous said...

John: This is OT, but I wanted you to be aware of the firing of Madonna Constantine by Columbia University. You will recall last October, Constantine reported a noose was placed on her office door. The "incident" was followed by students marching "against racism" through the campus. Fast forward to June 2008: the University fired Constantine for plagiarism. Constantine, who obviously put up the noose herself, obstructed the inquiry and even made counter-accusations of plagiarism against those whose work she plagiarized. Sounds like she's due for big job offer from Duke, doesn't it? What is interesting about this case is that it follows the usual pattern: initial charges of racism were shouted from the front pages and were the lead stories for the teevee talking heads. Now that Constantine has been revealed for the lying bigot she is, the story appears as a two-paragraph item in "Nation at a glance" on page four of our regional newspaper. Once again the Leftwing bias of MSM is clearly displayed.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Amen Hawk.