Monday, June 23, 2008

AP’s political bias shows in energy story

Under Glen Johnson’s byline the Associated Press has posted a story concerning energy proposals Sen. John McCain’s just made. It includes this:

...In his latest speech, McCain expressed exasperation both with the federal government and the private sector.

He said rising costs during a time of stagnant wages evokes the 1970s era of "stagflation."

Without blaming his fellow Republicans in the Bush administration directly, McCain said: "It feels the same today, because the unwise policies of our government have left America's energy future in the control of others."...
The AP doesn’t explain why it began that sentence with:“Without blaming his fellow Republicans in the Bush administration directly, …”: and then followed that introductory phrase with McCain's reference to “unwise policies of our government …”

Why didn't the AP use an introductory phrase like:
Without blaming former President Bill Clinton’s veto of drilling in ANWR and congressional Democrats’ opposition to countless domestic energy development proposals, McCain said ….?
Or something like this:
Without directly blaming either major party, McCain said ...?
Folks, I think most of you know the answer to those questions.

The entire AP story's here.

BTW - Many of you know the AP is very concerned that bloggers are quoting from its stories.

Could at least some of that concern stem from the AP's realization that many bloggers call readers' attention to the AP's liberal/leftist/"Go Dems" bias?


RedMountain said...

Here is an energy story with a little more balance. You may be surprised that I agree with the 'slant' shown in the one you point out. Maybe they should have said McCain is going to stop drooling all over his good buddy's shirt while hugging him over his energy policies.
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The solution proposed here is not something I agree with, however. Not sure anybody has come up with the ANSWER at this point.