Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First person Zimbabwean history

is provided by JinC Regular Danvers with my brief comments below the star line.

Danvers begins - - -

I grew up in Zimbabwe, and left shortly after 'independence' in 1980, and although South African born, I still consider myself a Zimbabwean.

The entire catastrophe that is the current day Zimbabwe was entirely predictable; [Mugabe’s] ZANU (now ZANU PF) used the same tactics they use today to win the 1980 election.

Lord Soames the representative of Margaret Thatcher was so busy trying to appease the leaders of the "liberation movements' that he almost singlehandedly condemned Zimbabweans to their current day fate.

Mugabe, shortly after independence, showed his real nature, by ordering the Gukurahundi Massacre of members of the Ndebele tribe; the supporters of his main opposition in Parliament, Joshua Nkomo,leader of ZAPU.

Part of Mugabe's army, specifically the 5th Brigade with the support North Korean soldiers murdered between 10 and 20000 Ndebele civilians. They operated and received orders directly from Mugabe's Office (so there will never be any doubt on whose orders the ensuing massacre wascarried out)! Exact figures of those killed will never be known. The 5th Brigade was lead by Perence Shiri, who today is the head of the Zimbabwean Airforce.

This is the same Mugabe who was feted by Western Leaders, knighted by Queen Elizabeth, received honourary degrees from British and American Universities. All this plus a state visit to UK as well.

The failure of the West and others to do anything constructive about the crisis is in my opinion a reaction to the post colonial guilty conscience suffered by the west.

Far better that countless innocent civilians be massacred, than Britain (or the USA) should suffer any finger-pointing by a black African politician.

There was a similar response to the genocide in Rwanda - Britain and the USA knew full well what was about to transpire, but decided it was better to ignore it, in case they offended a black politician.

For similar reasons they pander to [South Afirca's President} Mbeki who, is quite the most duplicitous and reprehensible politician in power today.

But at least let it be said that Thatcher, Major, Blair & Brown didn't offend a Commonwealth head of state.

I also feel that black Zimbabweans are partly to blame; they have known the truth about Mugabe for almost 30 years. If ever there was a case of "be careful what you wish for" this is it. Yet they did nothing to curtail the power of Mugabe for the best part of 22 years.

Mugabe and his cohorts are savages, nothing more. They will eventually get their day in court, facing a war crimes tribunal. A pity it is ~20 000 deaths too late. This is also a factor in why they refuse to give up power.

Message to Danvers: Many thanks and keep commenting.

Message to Readers: Rushed now but more on Zimbabwe tonight.


Anonymous said...

Quick question; is there any, just one, African nation, or any nation on the planet with a black head of state that is governed humanely, democratically and effectively?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 4:17 PM -

Go to the Freedom House site at:

It has a map of the world with various nations colored according to its judgment of the degree of freedom in each nation. There are several west African countries and south African countries whose color (green) indicates they are free. I might note, one of the southern African countries listed as being free is the Union of South Africa. I think Freedom House is being too generous in designating it as free.

I can't say how humanely and effectively those 'free' countries are governed.

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

At the very least, give Botswana credit.

Anonymous said...

This is a good article. I credit Danvers’ recent comments for my new found interest. Mugabe’s ‘Hope and Promise’ election slogan somehow sounds familiar.
CBS’s Couric: Zimbabwe Dictator
Departed From Marxist
‘Hope and Promise’
( NewsBusters)

CBS "Evening News" anchor Katie Couric reported on the Zimbabwe election, and Robert Mugabe, the nation’s socialist dictator.

Couric laments that Zimbabwe, under President Robert Mugabe,is a tragic departure from the “hope and promise” that led to his victory.
Is there a lesson here?

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe's last white
farmer forced to quit The Telegraph [UK], by Louis Weston

Zimbabwe's once proud white farming community is facing extinction, as President Robert Mugabe steps up his campaign of violence and intimidation on all fronts. Virtually all of the remaining 280 white farmers have been invaded by government supporters………….