Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A note about a troll

I owe you an apology for not coming more quickly to the realization Red Mountain is a troll.

Going forward, I do what any sensible blogger does with troll comments: delete them.


Anonymous said...

John: Thank you. The troll used to post on other boards as Rougemont, French for Red Mountain.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...


I've never commented before but I visit your blog every day.

I think your posts are tops. I also enjoy reading the comments.

I could see what RM was doing. He sure is a troll.

Glad you gave him the boot.

Danvers said...

Well, I amglad we got that settled!

Anonymous said...


Like most trolls, RM used erronenous interpretations of published remarks and unfair comparisons on political positions.

Why anyone would spend time doing that is beyond me.


BillyB said...

At the risk of looking like Obama, what is a troll?

Archer05 said...

On the web: Trolls?
Obama Hires 400 new bloggers to flood blog sites in an effort to combat so- called negative statements, he calls myths.
In my estimation, it will not matter to these hired bloggers if a statement is true, or not. Any thought not favorable will be called an attack, and labeled a myth. I am betting that in their playbook, calling a writer racist, is a sure silencer.

My armor against trolls is, I understand John, and the flow of his writing. I have read Tarheel Hawkeye’s sensible remarks for months. No one is going influence me to disregard their wisdom with a couple of snide remarks. Also, I enjoy a monitored blog. Too many blogs are childish gibberish. ( I haven’t know that for long, though.)

Anonymous said...

I almost responded to a Red Mountain comment a day or two ago. Glad I didn't waste the time, thanks for taking care of it. As always, I appreciate the job you do.