Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dem congressman's disgraceful conduct. See it yourself.

What follows are parts of Powerline's Scott Johnson's post "Delahunt's Disgrace."


Here is the exchange between Rep. William Delahunt (D, Mass.) and Cheney chief of staff David Addington at the House committee hearing broadcast live on C-SPAN on Thursday as accurately recounted by CNN:

Delahunt asked repeatedly whether the topic of waterboarding, a controversial interrogation technique that simulates drowning, ever came up.

Addington replied that he could not discuss that because "al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN."

"Right," Delahunt responded. "Well, I'm sure they are watching, and I'm glad they finally have the chance to see you, Mr. Addington."

"Yeah, I'm sure you're pleased," Addington shot back.

"Given your penchant for being unobtrusive," Delahunt said of Addington's ability to stay behind the scenes.

In this exchange, Delahunt identifies himself with a vicious enemy of the United States, implicitly acknowledges the danger they pose to officials such as Addington and professes his satisfaction that he has helped set the enemy's sights on Addington. Delahunt is both a fool and a reprobate. He does not understand that his good will toward al Qaeda means nothing to them, and his encouragement of their mission is simply vile.

As FOX News reports, Delahunt claimed that "under no circumstances" was he implying during the hearing that al Qaeda may target Addington. "That’s absurd. That was not my intent," he told FOX News. "And I’m sure Mr. Addington knows that was not my intent." Addington, however, knows no such thing. He knows that Delahunt was freely expressing his hatred of the Bush administration in a manner that was both disgusting and disgraceful. ...

Johnson's entire post's here.


Now, folks, thanks to You Tube you can see and judge what Delahunt did for yourselves:

Hat tip: Mike Williams


Anonymous said...

Delahunt is your typical Massachusetts Leftwing buffoon. It should come as no surprise that he would say things like he did. The Bush Hatred Derangement Syndrome is very alive and unwell in the Bay State.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

What a turd!

Archer05 said...

John, Here is one answer to the "Delahunt's Disgrace." I hope there are more.

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