Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MSM isn't looking at Obama's "big givers" and their interests

Back on Apr. 4 I posted Where’s Obama’s money coming from?

The short of it:
We were being told Obama was getting his money from millions of “just folks” who were sending in their small dollar contributions. But you don’t raise the kind of money Obama was raising just from “school kids” and “an 87-year-old woman in Snakebite, Montana” sending in their “dimes and dollars.”

My main point: Why wasn’t MSM telling us much about Obama’s “big givers.” Were any of them tied to the “special interests” he loudly condemns?

Since April Obama’s money flow has increased to such an extent that he broke his pledge to rely on public campaign financing. Estimates are he’s on track to raise at least 500 million before the campaign is over. That will be a campaign fund-raising record.

So are MSM news organizations finally taking detailed looks at Obama’s big givers and their interests?

If they are, they've not made much of what they've learned public yet.

This morning I Goggled “Where’s Obama’s money coming from?”

Would you believe my post from April was the second hit?

I’ve averaged about 650 visits a day the last three months and my post is the second hit!

That was for the Web.

When I clicked on “news” with the same entry, guess how many hits it produced?



Archer05 said...

OpenSecrets.org - Center for Responsive Politics-

This an easy site to check on contributions. Look at Obama’s college contributors, over one million already. Hint, McCain has none listed yet.

They have a search for donors, Duke has not committed yet. I thought the U of CA was a state college system? Goldman Sachs: McCain $139,520 to $571,1330 Obama? What is that about?

Top Obama Contributors
Goldman Sachs-- $571,330
Uni of California-- $437,236
UBS AG -- $364,806
JPMorgan Chase & Co-- $362,207
Citigroup Inc-- $358,054
Nat.Amusements Inc-- $320,750
Lehman Brothers-- $318,647
Google Inc-- $309,514
Harvard Uni-- $309,025
Sidley Austin LLP-- $294,245
Skadden, Arps et al-- $270,013
Time Warner-- $262,677
Morgan Stanley-- $259,876
Jones Day-- $250,725
Exelon Corp-- $236,211
U of Chicago-- $218,857
Wilmerhale LLP-- $218,680
Latham & Watkins-- $218,615
Microsoft Corp-- $209,242
Stanford Uni-- $195,262