Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I guess it depends on what "mean" means

Yesterday I posted Michelle Obama’s “downright mean” America.

It drew a number of comments, including this tongue-in-check one which will leave many of you smiling.

Perhaps Michelle meant that America is downright Excellent!.

You know, like when you say, "Wow Jimmy, that was a MEAN backhand."

Or perhaps she meant America is in the Middle, so far as the rest of the world is concerned. Some are worse, some are better. America is the MEAN, sorta like the mean family income.

I'm sure Michelle didn't mean that America is hateful or evil.

(removing tongue from cheek)


Archer05 said...

San Francisco "downright mean" Or right down insane? Far left liberals have gone too far, and this action is not explainable in a civil society.
San Francisco to vote on
George W Bush sewage works

The Times [UK], by Chris Ayres Los Angeles -

San Francisco is to hold a vote on whether to rename one of its largest sewage treatment facilities after George W. Bush, in what supporters describe as “a fitting monument to the President’s work.”
Disgusting, this is disgusting!