Thursday, April 16, 2009

Talking to Regulars & Commenters On 4/16/09

(A post in the old web log traditions: notes for those who know the background. Don’t look for links and intros in this post. The spelling and grammar may not be much, either.)

Now, here goes - - -

Thanks for the comments re: origins of Bravo Zulu. I’ll post on them this evening. I’m still not sure of the origins of the term since the comments offer different explanations.

But no worry. We’ll get to the answer.

I’ll also post tonight thanking JinC “editors” for corrections and adding information to some posts.

I read a good deal at journo sites. Also some editor sites at which the editor responds to commenters.

Comparing what I read at those sites with what I read on the JinC threads convinces me commenters here are among the most informed, on point commenters out there. Also, on the whole more civil and better at comprehending what other commenters are saying.

I’ve not posted much recently on the Duke/Durham frame-up attempt, the ongoing cover-up of it by its perpetrators and their enablers, and matters relating to the civil suits by the victims seeking explanations and accountability.

I’ll be back tonight by 8 PM ET.