Wednesday, April 15, 2009

N&O’s Tancredo Silencing & Threats At UNC-CH Coverage Today

After viewing an 8+ minute YouTube of last night’s events and reading other accounts, I judge the liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer’s coverage of the events to be tepid at best and possibly even snide.

About possible snide coverage: Tancredo was forced to cancel his speech and needed police protection to leave campus, events the N&O called “his unpleasant ouster.”

On the other hand, when Congressman Tancredo sent out a fund raising letter today referencing the assaults on his rights and those of the sponsoring students, the N&O’s political blog Under The Dome treated it as a major event, even including with its post the full text of Tancredo’s letter rather than just a link.

I’ve left the following comment at Under The Dome:

The Left dominates UNC-CH and has for years with the encouragement of the N&O.

Last night's denial of Tancredo's speech rights by members of the fascistic Students for a Democratic Society and others, including at least one identified as a faculty member, reminded me of the Leftist "activists" at Duke who waved the CASTRATE and GIVE THEM EQUAL MEASURE banners when the now disbarred Mike Nifong began the public part of his and others attempt to frame for gang rape three transparently innocent Duke students.

The N&O disgraced itself than by shamelessly enabling Nifong.

The N&O's tepid reporting today of the terrible events of last evening leaves me thinking the N&O will again disgrace itself.

Hint to the N&O: Cover the silencing of Tancredo and the threats ("we know where you sleep") targeting students who sponsored his talk the same way you would if the speaker was an African-American or Muslim bashing former President Bush and the students sponsoring the speaker were largely African-American and/or Muslim.

Of course, something like that wouldn't and shouldn't happen at UNC-CH or any other college campus in America.

John in Carolina