Monday, April 13, 2009

Chronicle Anon Comment Made Me Laugh

Today Duke’s student newspaper, The Chronicle, published “ Unkept and abandoned, lax house still stands.”

As some of you know, TC’s story concerned the house in which Durham’s former DA Mike Nifong, now disbarred, said he was sure crimes were committed, but for which, after a thorough investigation, NC’s attorney general concluded there “was no credible evidence.”

The AG also called Nifong “a rogue prosecutor.”

TC’s story's generated an extensive comment thread (45 as of 7 PM ET today).

Like most lengthy comment threads, it’s a mixed bag.

The following comment, a response to previous commenter Mamaduke and apparently meant to be serious, left me LOL.


posted 4/13/09 @ 6:35 PM EST

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Reading the comments today, I realize for the first time ...

Frankly, I could care less whether it goes away or not since no one pays any attention to this website other than the handful of screwballs who post here on a regular basis.


Among those posting “on a regular basis” at TC’s comment threads is none other than anon.


Anonymous said...

The house on Buchanan St. was the site of an historic event and deserves to be noted as such with a bronze plaque similar to the one placed in front of the Scottsboro courthouse, noting the arrest and first trial of the Scottsboro boys.

I hope steps are taken for its preservation; and that tours are arranged so people can see the size of the bathroom in which 20 people raped Crystal Mangum...

Anonymous said...

So this person is a self proclaimed screwball then...

Stupidity knows no bouunds

Scott S.

Anonymous said...

It is sad indeed to see that there are still people who believe, against all evidence, there was a crime and the crime was committed by the lax players. We can call this the Something Happened In There syndrome, more easily called by its acronym.
Tarheel Hawkeye