Thursday, April 16, 2009

N&O Soft-pedals Tancredo Silencing At UNC

Today the liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer soft-pedals the mob-like actions of UNC-Chapel Hill student protesters and others which forced the cancellation of former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s talk Tuesday night and threatened the students who brought Tancredo to campus.

The soft-pedaling begins with the N&O’s front page, print edition headline:

UNC leaders apologize for free-speech fiasco
Fiasco? Not “denial” or “assault?”

Here’s a fiasco: “You did say McDonald’s but I forgot and went to Burger King. Then when I celled you, I thought you said you were at 'Donald’s.' So I went to his house.”

What happened at UNC-Chapel Hill Tuesday evening wasn’t a fiasco.

In substance and intent it was the same as the attacks on peaceful assembly and free speech Nazi and Bolshevik youth gangs engaged in during the 1920s in Weimer Germany.

The N&O’s story quotes only from the second statement Chancellor Holden Thorp issued after his initial milk-toast statement only fueled anger across North Carolina.

Today’s N&O story makes no mention of Thorp’s first statement and why it fueled such anger.

The N&O’s story fails to mention the threats (“we know where you sleep”) protesters directed at students sponsoring Tancredo’s talk and Thorp’s failure so far to address those threats and assure the threatened students and their parents he’ll do all in his power to protect the threatened students.

The protesters and their enablers will appreciate the N&O putting this in its story:
No one set guidelines for student behavior.
The entire N&O story’s here.


Anonymous said...

'No one set guidelines for student behavior.'

I guess common courtesy isn't a guideline then.

Scott S.