Thursday, April 16, 2009

At UNC Kerry & Tancredo Get Different Treatment

We know global warming is a very controversial subject, with many experts declaring it is no more science-based than was the once popular homunculus theory.

Many scientists say proposals by Sen. John Kerry concerning global warming are ill-conceived; and if implemented would do great harm to the lives of millions, most especially to those living in the poorer nations.

Yet Kerry's controversial proposals are not characterized as "hate speech."

A friend reminded me this morning - - -

Last month John Kerry spoke at UNC, primarily on global warming. Apparently there were no protests . Obviously the conservatives on campus, who certainly oppose Kerry's very liberal views, were tolerant and respectful.

Contrast this to how Mr. Tancredo was treated.

The leftists are typically the least tolerant and most disrespectful of others. They profess to be open minded but actually only support free speech if it fits their ideological agenda. This was very evident in the Duke lacrosse incident.