Sunday, April 12, 2009

Piracy : Hillary Laughs And Gets U. S. History Wrong

Not only does the current piracy kidnapping evoke laughter from longtime Democratic operative Hillary Clinton, but she gets some very relevant American history wrong, too.

As JinC Regular AC notes citing Barbara Tuchman's
The First Salute:

The first country to (famously) salute the American flag were the Dutch in St. Eustace in the (then) Dutch West Indies in late 1776 - well before the French got in. And for the same reason: Anti-English politics in the age of sail and colonialism.
Did I mention Clinton is now Obama's Secretary of State?

I bring that up because I know Democrats will want to salute Madam Secretary as they watch her in action in this YouTube video.


Anonymous said...

Who's surprised? Hillary has always had a knack for twisting history and that rancid giggle of hers could incite the Pope to violence. It's fortunate the State Department didn't have the con with the pirate issue. They probably would have issued visas to the pirates.
Tarheel Hawkeye

drew said...

Who is the idiot standing to Mrs. Clinton's right during this video clip? I would suspect that he is a State Department employee, and even he is laughing at this entire matter.

Obviously, his personal career goals include doing what Mrs. Clinton does, not what is right. When he laughs (presumably to vitiate Mrs. Clinton's cackle), he highlights why we shouldn't have ANY political appointees in the State Department. He's trying to get along - not do what's right.

And they BOTH should know that piracy is not a laughing matter - not to the seamen involved, nor the shipowners and shippers, and especially not to our government (who they allegedly represent).

The explosion of piracy off the coast of Somalia highlights the downside of a Muslim country that is in anarchy. The rest of the Muslim world should be given a short period of time (say, six months) to clean up the country, or the other more civilized countries of the world should step in and create (rather than just restore) order.