Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Locke Staffers Report UNC Leftists’ Outrage

Almost all of you care about free speech and the protection of those who express unpopular views.

So you’ll appreciate the outstanding blog reporting and commentary provided today by John Locke Foundation staffers concerning the mob-like actions at UNC-Chapel Hill last evening by campus Leftists who forced the cancellation of Congressman Tom Tancredo’s speech and threatened the students who sponsored it.

Donna Martinez began coverage at 6:06 AM with "Tancredo Faces Hate-Filled Students at UNC Chapel Hill"

Martinez followed that at 6:44 AM with "Tancredo Protester: 'Death to Western civilization'"

At 11:21 AM Jon Sanders provided "Make no mistake, UNC"

Marinez was back at 12:39 PM with "Tom Tancredo Describes UNC Chaos to WPTF"

Sanders followed that 22 minutes later with "UNC-CH’s mob veto on YouTube (for now)"

Then at 1:39 PM Jon Ham, while traveling back to the Triangle from the West Coast, found time to post "Where’s the outrage, Doogie?"

All in all, outstanding blog coverage.

I plan to keep an eye on John Locke’s blogging in coming days.

It's my opinion most NC liberals will want the silencing of Tancredo and the threats to UNC students to be a one-day story.

The leftists will surely be angry anyone’s objecting to what some of them did last night.

Martinez, Sanders and Ham will help make sure this is not a one-day story; and that the leftists do not get away with their fascist-like intimidation and lawbreaking that last night stained UNC-CH’s campus and reputation.


Anonymous said...

The N&O posted its story a few hours after the event. What took the bloggers so long?

Anonymous said...


You missed the point of John's post.

Go back and read it again unless you're a troll.

Duke '81