Friday, October 03, 2008

WaPo's Biden cropping and makeover

Extreme Mortman alerted us to WaPo's photo cropping of Sen. Biden's finger pointing last evening. Now there's more Obama's WaPo has done to "mellow out" Biden's finger pointing as you'll learn below the star line.

First, Extreme Mortman's suburb catch clear, full and in color - - -

Here’s the Palin/Biden debate picture featured top of the Washington Post front page this morning…

Palin Biden Washington Post

And here’s how the photo looks right now on the Post website …

Palin Biden Washington Post 2

Any guesses why they’d look different?


I'm guessing WaPo will tell us the cropping has nothing to do with favoring the Obama-Biden ticket over McCain-Palin.

Journalism ethics forbids taking sides in a political campaign as Dan Rather often reminds us.

That said, you'll be interested in WaPo's move from the cropping Extreme Mortman noted to what WaPo's Style Section would refer to as "a complete makeover."

At 7:30 PM ET WaPo's online front page doesn't even carry the cropped photo.
It instead contains only a postage stamp size photo of the pre-debate Biden-Palin handshake.

Check it out for yourself here.

And don't forget to give Extreme Mortman a look here.

Hat tip: AC and PDQ


Anonymous said...

Political humor:

Is Joe Bidden a “redistributionist” candidate?

Do hair-plugs Count?