Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NC's AG Cooper said "Innocent." And Sen. Dole said what?

KC Johnson posts "Cooper ad."

It begins - - -

Few political leaders distinguished themselves in the lacrosse case, but one of the heroes of the affair was Attorney General Roy Cooper. His office conducted an impartial investigation, free from political pressure, and allowed the facts to dictate the outcome. He was, in short, the model of a "minister of justice." . . .

KC's post includes a link to where you can contribute to Cooper's campaign.

KC's post reminded me I need to contact U. S. Senator Elizabeth Dole's office and her opponents.

I want to find out what, if anything, they did when police state tactics were used by Durham's DA's office and some in its Police Department to first, trash and libel the Duke 2006 Men's lacrosse team, and than to frame three of its members for gang-rape and other felonies.

If you know anything about what the various Senate candidates said and did then, and what they are saying and doing now, please let me know.

I'll be contacting Sen. Dole and the other candidates to learn what I can.

Let's keep each other posted.

BTW - Did you know Sen. Dole is a Duke alum and former trustee?

Here's Cooper's ad:


Anonymous said...

John: Several weeks after Atty Gen Cooper's declaration of innocence, I sent an email to Senator Dole asking her to contact the US Attorney General and request him to initiate legal action under the provisions of the US Constitution since the civil rights of the former accused Duke students had been violated. I received a written response three weeks later saying substantially: the students were indicted for serious crimes and the case is continuing; I (Senator Dole) cannot interfere with an ongoing criminal case in North Carolina; sincerely, etc. etc. I responded with a letter asking if anyone in her office read newspapers or had any clue about the status of the "rape" case. A week later, I got a phone call from a staff person who apologized for the first letter, saying that a new employee sent the letter and was admonished for her mistake. I asked if the senator was going to ask for a civil rights investigation and the aide said she couldn't take any action because the case was still active in North Carolina. I was so stunned, I couldn't say anything for a moment, then I asked if anyone there knew what Atty Gen Cooper had done eight weeks previously. The aide stammered and said he didn't follow the case that closely. At that point I realized: 1) Elizabeth Dole doesn't have a clue what goes on in her own state; 2) Elizabeth Dole doesn't understand the US Constitution; and 3) Elizabeth Dole doesn't give a damn what her constituents think.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Of course Senator Dole is not alone in this. The Duke Chronicle carried an article in its September 30 edition on the fact that the meetings of the Duke Board of Trustees are now closed to the media. Take a peek at "Board of Trustees closed door on media access" by Chelsea Alison. The first sentence nicely sums it up: "The Board of Trustees has taken a critical eye to its practices in the past year, and the conclusions of an internal evaluation result in fewer people taking a close look at them."

Of course this is legal, Duke being a private institution. But, one has to wonder about the wisdom of sending federal tax dollars into a university where open decision making and accountability are viewed as a problem rather than a positive asset. then again, consider who is running the BOT - Robert Steel, the same genius who has been at the helm of the sinking Wachovia bank. Perhaps openness would help - like discovery of how much Mr. Steel and Ms. Gorelick have profited, while Wachovia goes down, or how Duke has traded academic robes for the uniforms and truncheons of a police state. "No, nothing to see here. Move along, folks."

Civil rights investigations, and financial investigations of both Duke and Wachovia would seem in order. Too bad Senator Dole seems to have slept through civics class.

Orson Buggeigh

Anonymous said...

Tarheel Hawkeye: Does this really shock you so much?

Dole is a politician. McCain is a politician. Obama is a politician. Most people in "government" are politicians...in the modern sense.

Of course, "1) Elizabeth Dole doesn't have a clue what goes on in her own state; 2) Elizabeth Dole doesn't understand the US Constitution; and 3) Elizabeth Dole doesn't give a damn what her constituents think." How many government officials do you really think are involved in government?

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Dole if she has plans to congratulate Elmo on the first year anniversary of his citizenship.

(And, of his being named Hero of the Year by Reader's Digest.) He is a North Carolinian, and her constituent; a Sudanese immigrant who became Hero of the Year.

((It would be interesting to hear how the office staff respond--have they even heard of him? Has she?)

If she has, what reason would she have for NOT congratulating him?
And having her picture taken with him?