Monday, September 29, 2008

House bailout vote: what really happened

Most of MSM are "deep in the hole" for Dems.

So they're telling you the Pelosi/Obama lie that Republicans in the House "defeated the rescue package today."

If you want to keep believing that, don't listen to this tape of Karl Rove ID'ing how many leading House Dems voted.

Rove names names, as they say. He also notes their House committee positions.

Rove provides fact-based news you can fact check for yourself.

Give him a listen:


Anonymous said...

This simply confirms the fact that Democrats are lying, unprincipled hypocrites. But it backfired on Old Flintface when her nasty little tantrum showed Republicans how little thanks they were getting for putting their political necks on the block in the interest of bipartisanship. Or perhaps this was the Dem gameplan all the time: keep this panic ball in the air until the election?
The GOP had better use this issue to their advantage because it may very well be their last chance.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Two minutes, the Gentleman from Texas, no names named, just the Big Picture:

You're Going To Destroy A Worldwide Economy!