Friday, October 03, 2008

Bad night for MSM's credibility

Regarding Thursday evening's Biden-Palin debate an Anon commenter says some things I think tens of millions who watched the debate are thinking.

Thanks to Anon and what do you think?

Anon begins - - -

I would be curious as to how many people tuned in.

57 million watched the first Prez debate last weekend. I would expect even more watched tonight.

This stuff is bad for the MSM because people know what they saw and can form their own opinions. That's tens of millions of people beyond the dishonest influence of agenda setters. In fact, people who saw the debate and have, to date, been getting impressions of Palin from the MSM will wonder what the heck the media have been talking about.

But, how much lower can the credibility of the MSM fall. My guess is that the MSM is sub-Bush and down in Congress territory.

I think some of the pundits are overstating how well she did but, at the same time, the MSMers who have been systemically trying to destroy her have nothing to work with after tonight.


Anonymous said...

What credibility????