Thursday, October 02, 2008

Drudge V-P debate poll & NYT's headlines

Archer 05 calls attention to a “who won the V-P debate" poll here at Drudge.

A O5 also guesses at Sen. Obama’s NY Times' post debate headlines:

Biden wins debate; Obama leading in all 57 states


Brandi said...

Wow! One blogger added that Obama is winning in all 57 states? I had no idea we had 57 states?!

I guess a win is a win huh?

Anonymous said...

brandi: Maybe you weren't paying attention to St. Barack during the primaries. In one of his frequent bloviations, he mentioned that his camapign had gone into "almost all the 57 states..." Perhaps St. Barack confused reality with the Heinz Brand (now a subsidiary of John Francois Kerry and his loving wife, Terry Kerry hee hee). After all, St. Barack is even more Leftwing than the last Democrat presidential hopeful.
Tarheel Hawkeye