Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Does NBC News have Obama cheerleader outfits?

Here’s JamieWearingFool today - - -

As anyone with a pulse knows, NBC News has tilted so far to the left this election season they've done everything but dress up their on-air news "talent" in cheerleader outfits with an Obama logo on them.

Now comes word that with the current economic crisis, a couple more glaring conflicts are causing concern.

NBC is under fire for having correspondent Andrea Mitchell cover the economic crisis because she's married to former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan - but some people are also wondering about David Gregory, who has a show, "Race for the White House" on MSNBC. Gregory is married to Beth Wilkinson - who until a month ago was general counsel, executive vice president and corporate secretary for mortgage giant Fannie Mae, which is now being investigated by the FBI. ...
The rest of the post’s here. JWF notes other conflicts at NBC. Take a look.


Isn’t there some kind of conflict of interest dispensation for MSM journalists, news anchors, editors and publishers serving in Obama's Tank Corps?