Friday, October 10, 2008

Reid 's race card play will get MSM pass

Yesterday on Las Vegas, NV’s KXNT-AM Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid responded to an interviewer’s question about Sen. Obama’s friend and advisor, former Fannie Mae chief Franklin Raines.

The interviewer asked about Raines’ questionable leadership of Fannie during the time it cooked the books and gave top execs huge bonuses taxpayers are now held responsible for. (Estimates are Raines raked in over $90 million during his 6 years as head of “train wreck bound” Fannie.)

Reid stoutly defended Raines beginning with:

"[Franklin] Raines, who you're talking about, worked for Fannie Mae, was there for a while. The only connection that people could bring up about Raines and Barack Obama is they both are African-American, other than that there is nothing."
You can listen to Reid’s response on this audio.

Reid’s characterization of Raines’ and Obama as “both …African-American, other than that there is nothing” is nothing more than racial stereotyping.

There is so much more we can judge both men by than merely their skin color. Both are accomplished, articulate, highly intelligent, rich, highly influential and political allies who have supported similar policies which have helped bring on this mortgage mess.

Reid overlooks Obama’s and Raines’ talents and accomplishments so he can play the race card in an effort to discredit their critics.

Most MSM news orgs. will give Reid a pass on his racial stereotyping because they understand the Dems’ Senate Majority Leader was trying to help elect Obama and excuse Raines.

And what better way to do that than to play the race card?

A NY Post editorial today looks at Reid’s and other Dems’ race card plays.


Anonymous said...

Playing the race card? The leftists loons have lifted off earth again. They claim Gov. Sarah Palin is using a racist code by wearing white clothing.

The DU is alight with rabid comments. Michelle Malkin cited a few good ones, but there are hundreds of loons repeating this unhinged nonsense.
M. Malkin writes: “Obama supporters saw the ghost
of the Ku Klux Klan in Sarah Palin’s white suit jacket.
Yes, [white clothes = racism.]

“Palin is wearing white again, inciting the racist crowds. She should just drop all pretense and put on her white hood and light up a cross. She is a despicable human being,” fumed a DU poster. “Grand Princess of the KKK,” proclaimed another. [They’re “trying to send subtle signals to their rabid base,”]...

Ken said...

It's simple arithmetic. Without a large majority of the African American vote and without a large turnout of that vote the Democrats are a footnote in any national election. They will bring up race again and again. They will say that Republicans are racist for any reason or no reason at all. They will work tirelessly to increase racial tension because it benefits them.

Reid is simply promoting his Party at the expense of the country. Typical of any Democrat on the national level.