Monday, October 06, 2008

Latest Ayers-Obama link. I don’t see much there

Matt Drudge has just posted a 1997 U. of Chicago news announcement of a panel session of juvenile justice. Bill Ayers and Sen. Obama are two of the four panelists and Mrs. Obama, who the announcement describes as Associate Dean of Student Services and Director of the University Community Service Center, is quoted speaking approvingly of the upcoming panel. You can read the announcement here.

So what does it amount to in terms of the Bill Ayers-Barack Obama relationship and the campaign?

It’s one more instance demonstrating Obama dissembled when he described Ayers as a guy “in the neighborhood” with whom he’d once served on a board that included many others of various political leanings.

But people wanting to make anything much of Obama serving on this panel with Ayers – especially people trying to score political advantage using it - will have a hard time doing so.

That Obama and Ayers were members of the same panel 11 years ago means what?

Not necessarily that they agreed on anything. Panelists often disagree with their co-panelists some, a lot or on just about everything.

Obama’s campaign team is going to note the panel’s focus was on ways to improve juvenile justice. What could be wrong with that, they’ll reasonably ask?

They’ll also note their candidate’s participation on the panel is one more instance of his longstanding concern with youth crime prevention and rehabilitation of youthful offenders.

And who’s to say that’s not the case?

McCain and his people would be smart to say very little about this “latest.”

What do you think?

The announcement's here.


Anonymous said...

The media is in lockstep reporting that Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood, and that Obama doesn’t really know him.

The Chicago papers are actually bringing forth some facts concluding that is not the case. They have written many factual articles never picked up by the MSM.

Thank goodness for the Internet. After the new media bloggers buried Dan Rather in his own bile, the mask was forever removed from the networks. The print media dies as we speak. They will finally strangle themselves. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

John -

As I write this, Oct. 6, 9:04 PM in Silver Spring, Sean Hannity is talking about Ayers on Hannity & Colmes. Maybe Americans will finally wake up to what St. Barack represents.

Jack in Silver Spring