Friday, October 10, 2008

Charlie Gibson - tough on Palin. Now look at him w. Obama

AMac has my thanks for sending along the following. I comment below the video

AMac begins - - -

The blog "Brutally Honest" has an embedded 2.5 minute YouTube clip from ABC reporter Charlie Gibson's interview of Sen. Obama. It includes Gibson's questions about Ayers, and Obama's answers.

Obama condemns Ayers long-ago acts. But he ignores the Weathermen's less-ancient deeds, and elides what it might mean to "hate the sin but love the sinner" when the sinner himself remains wholly delighted with his record of evildoing.

Obama also rebuts the accusation that Ayers is presently playing a role in his campaign. A charge I'd not heard prior to this interview.

Reporter Gibson seems to find Obama's answers to be quite excellent. If the clip covers all discussion of Ayers in the interview, Gibson can't think of any follow-ups worth asking.


What happened to the tough Charlie Gibson who kept pressing Gov. Palin, even when he had his facts wrong?

And remember his skepticism (that's putting it kindly) about a remark she had made concerning God and the U. S.? Gibson refused to accept her first answer. He kept pressing.

In the Obama interview, Gibson seems almost apologetic and tosses only softballs to the MSM's favorite.

And, as AMac notes, Gibson does no follow-up questioning even though Obama is obviously dissembling as anyone familiar with the Obama-Ayers alliance would know.

Folks, as I looked at Obama and Gibson seated across from each other on that fast-moving train, I thought:"They're taking us for a ride."

If someone comes across a video or transcript of the entire interview, I'd appreciate a heads-up.


AMac said...

In this thread at 'Winds of Change,' reasoned Obama supporter 'Armed Liberal' explains why the Obama-Ayers connection won't be a crucial factor as the election nears the finish line. I think he's right, though there's no comfort for me in that assessment.