Sunday, October 05, 2008

Palin challenges MSM's "wall of bias" - the video

As of Oct. 4 @ 11:00 PM ET Sen. Obama's Big Three news organizations reporting Gov. Sarah Palin's Ayers-Obama statements today - the NYT, the AP and WaPo - all spin voters with biased stories downplaying Obama's relationship with his terrorist friend and "guy in the neighborhood" Bill Ayers.

Obama's Big Three tankers assure readers anything significant involving Ayers and their guy must have happened before Obama turned nine.

But the Big Three are deceiving Americans. Bill Ayers and The One know that.

So do many of you.

For truthful Ayers-Obama reporting, see Stanley Kurtz's expose of today's NYT's Ayers-Obama camo-job. Is there a level to which the NYT won't sink?

Now for something else fair-minded readers will want to know:

Besides camouflaging his relationship with terrorist Ayers, Obama's Big Three haven't reported Palin's exquisite parodying of the NYT and other Obama MSM flacks who insist they've been "serious and unbiased" when reporting on their candidate and his terrorist friend.

Folks, ydon't want to miss the video below.

Palin will remind you of how presidential candidate and then President Reagan tore down "the wall of bias" MSM liberal/leftist worked to put between him and us, the American people.