Tuesday, October 07, 2008

NPR’s Liasson misrepresents Ayers-Obama ties

Last night on Fox News with Brit Hume, Mara Liasson, national political correspondent for the Obama-cheerleading National Public Radio network, tried to “mellow out” Sen. Obama’s relationship with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.

Liasson offered a version of Obama’s shill that Ayers is just a guy who lives “in the neighborhood.”

In Liasson’s version, the Obama-Ayers relationship mostly had to do with them meeting “at school functions” because Obama’s and Ayers’ children went to school together.

Liasson even quoted Obama’s campaign manager David Axelrod as her source.

If you’re aware of how the liberal/leftist Obama-cheerleading NPR has been “reporting” the campaign, you’re not surprised by what Liasson said or by her relying on Axelrod as her source.

What better source an NPR correspondent than Obama's top guy?

Liasson’s spin seems reasonable as long as you don’t know Obama’s and Ayers’ kids didn’t attend school together.

As Bob Owens at Pajama Media has reported:

Trouble is Axelrods dissembling for Obama has been discredited quite a while ago.

Axelrod also tried to excuse the extent of Obama’s involvement with Ayers, stating, “Bill Ayers lives in his neighborhood. Their kids attend the same school. … They’re certainly friendly, they know each other, as anyone whose kids go to school together.”

It’s an obvious fiction pitched by Axelrod, since the Obama children are presently in elementary school, while Ayers’ children are all grown adults, but the Ayers-Obama family connection doesn’t stop at the imaginary connections between the children.


Anonymous said...

I was listening to National Prevarication Radio a couple of weeks ago when they ran a story about the guy who was tried with Julius Rosenberg in the early 1950s.

The co-defendant, now 91, admitted that Rosenberg was working for the Soviet Union. Interestingly, NPR mentioned this fact and then presented a taped piece lasting several minutes (perhaps from the 50th anniversary of St. Julius' well-deserved execution) which played the "Rosenberg was an innocent victim of the McCarthy era" tune.

This is incredible. A co-defendant who once protested his innocence fessed up to his own misdeeds and those of Rosenberg, and NPR still reverts to the argument that Rosenberg was some sort of martyr.