Monday, October 06, 2008

Commenter gives an alert. I respond

A JinC Regular writes:

John -

As I write this, Oct. 6, 9:04 PM in Silver Spring, Sean Hannity is talking about Ayers on Hannity & Colmes. Maybe Americans will finally wake up to what St. Barack represents.

Jack in Silver Springs
Thanks, Jack.

After I got your message, I tuned in.

Dick Morris was the guest, and at least this one time Alan Colmes wasn't getting in the way of Morris' answering questions.

Morris is one of Hannity & Colmas most informed and insightful regular guests, but Colmes usually interrupts him and tries to trash Morris' answers with "talking points" Colmes must get from George Soros, Howard Dean or someone like them.

As a result of Colmes' interruptions and trashy shilling, I no longer watch Hannity & Colmes regularly.

Time's too precious.


Anonymous said...

But did you get the significance of the Ayers - Obama connection?

Ayers is a Gang of 88 type. You know the ones who have no shame. People who are willing to do anything to further their agenda. And Obama worked with him at the Annennberg Challenge to push Ayers education agenda (which is as radical as you would expect from the 88). Obama had good things to say about a book Ayers wrote (don't know exactly where he said it or exactly what he said but I'm sure we can imagine what Ayers proposed in his book).

Even if there is no way to show Obama agrees with Ayers' agenda, the fact that he supports it in anyway, worked on the funding of said agenda, does not see anything wrong with Ayers' radical views, should concern people.

Scares the poo out of me. I can't even imagine the damage that could be done to the nation if led by someone with those types of ideas.

Anonymous said...

One could say the Times didn’t appreciate Sean Hannity’s program
“Obama & Friends: The History of Radicalism.”
No surprise here:
-Personal Ties Are Subject
of Program on Fox News Channel-
The New York Times, by Jim Rutenberg

Excerpt: ….the conservative radio and television host, was the host of the hour long program, which raised, among other things, [unsubstantiated accusations..]
What a laugh, this so-called newspaper that uses unnamed sources, prints outright lies, and is so slanted that no credible person defends it, is just in a snit, a literary snit! How dare an opposing viewpoint be allowed.
‘The Audacity of Snittyness’- That has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

John, check out Thomas Sowell's column today. He uses THE WORDS that McCain/Palin need to use- "alliances" rather than "associations". It makes it more understandable about WHY Ayers, Wright, Pfleger, Rezko and ACORN are important and how they fit into the overall scheme of Obama's candidacy. I hope McCain reads that column today, BEFORE the debate.

Anonymous said...

I read the articles because the staff there is so clever.
You gotta love teases like this:

"-Obama’s Personal Ties Are Subject of Program on Fox News Channel-

The New York Times tries to mount an attack on Hannity with its dress thrown over its head.”