Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Readers comment post debate; I respond (Post 2)

This post is a continuation of Readers comments post debate;I respond.

Readers' comments, in part or whole, are in italics; my responses are in plain.

Tarheel Hawkeye @ 8:05 - - -

Dittoes to [earlier commenter] Ken in Dallas. 'Nuf said.

Ken and TH are Regulars who add a lot to this blog.

Roper @ 8:26 - - -

I wouldn't be too hard on John McCain. This election long ago moved beyond personalities, and McCain may simply have been overtaken by events.

GOP presidential candidates have not been treated fairly since much of the media tagged General Eisenhower, a very smart man, as a dummy. If you’re an R running for President, you better have a message and the ability to “talk over the media” directly to the American people.

McCain had a “talk over the media” chance last night. I don’t think he used it except to pander with a pledge to bailout those who aren’t paying their mortgages.

What did he offer the 95+% of mortgage holders who are paying their mortgages on time besides the chance to also pay for those who aren’t making their mortgage payments?

I’ve some thoughts about helping many people who are not now making their mortgage payments.

I’ll post on that tomorrow.

The American People have regularly swung between periods of desire for opportunity and growth, offset by periods of desire for stability and security. Given the tumult of the past year, many Americans appear willing to accept greater government control and regulation to obtain less volatility. This favors the Democratic party and its candidate.

McCain did the best he could, but this election was always Obamas to win or lose... and so far, he has not lost it.

Can we agree, reasonable Anon, that so far McCain has not asked the questions of Obama which he should have started asking in early Sept. about Ayers, Rezko and Wright?”

Anon @ 10:36 - - -

The mortgage forgiveness was stunning.

Bizarre, too.

I also agree with 6:13 that, when asked about sacrifice, we are not seeing any profiles in courage.

That’s right. We’re seeing from both candidates profiles in pandering.

When I have heard such questions, or questions about priorities, or questions about which promises can't be kept due to the $700 billion bailout ("rescue") I say to myself, "I will vote for the one that tells the truth." Hasn't seemed to happen yet.

I offer Anon @ 10:36 the same advice JinC Regulars usually offer me when I write the Raleigh N&O asking for straight answers about their racially inflammatory, often false and grossly biased Duke lacrosse coverage: “Don’t hold your breath.”

Archer 05 - - -

By Michelle Malkin:

Question: “Who was the Obama plant at last night’s debate?”

Answer: “The Obama plant was Tom Brokaw.”
There is a lot of chatter today about how Tom Brokaw kept the questions away from anything that would harm Obama. He even handpicked the questions from the audience.

I do believe anyone not noticing the lack of meaty questions for McCain to debate is, shortsighted, or perhaps blinded by the messianic light.

IMO it was a huge mistake to let Brokaw filter questions and decide who and what he wanted asked.
As we used to say when we were kids: “Who died and left Brokaw in charge?”

What a shame the Debate Commission is so craven in the face of Big Media it let Brokaw take charge.

Anon @ 11:38 - - -

Even considering everything, this Election continues to be a referendum on whether an untried first term Senator is qualified and ready to be President of the United States.

You raise a legitimate point about a candidate with very limited experience. The equally legitimate counterpoint is whether the other candidate with much more experience will be the better President.

In addition to their government experience there are the matters of their associations, political alliances, and core beliefs and values to consider, as I don’t doubt you and most everyone else reading this knows.

Anon @ 12:49 - - -

cks for President!!!

I’m not ready to declare for cks yet.

We need to know more about any ties cks may have to Rezko, Ayers and Wright.

I thank you all for commenting.



Anonymous said...

JinC -
Never fear, even though I lived in Chicago while I attended graduate school at Loyola, I had no and continue to have no connection with Rezko, Wright, or Ayers. I did visit Hyde Park once to see my cousin who attended the University of Chicago (I was accepted there for grad school as well but chose not to attend).
If I were president, my cost cutting would include getting rid of Air Force I (if I am the leader of the free world people cancome to see me - I hate to fly anyway). The VP could fly commercial - second class like the rest of us peons when he or she goes to funerals or fly steerage in a military cargo plane like the troops. While such reductions in spending may be small, the fact is that the little things do add up!