Thursday, May 21, 2009

Staying "Open" One Day More

I said I'd shut down today, Thursday, May 21.

But - - -

if you know about those "GOING OUR OF BUSINESS" stores that always stay open past their closing dates - - -

well, I'm like one of them.

I'm staying open one more day to finish a few posts I promised.

If that upsets the trolls, well, good!

Many thanks to all of you who've said nice things about my work and this blog. I deeply appreciate them.

I hope you're back tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Great news - when I read your post immediately a A Thousand and One Arabian Nights crossed my mind....perhaps there will be at least one event each day that will tempt you, like Scheherazad, to give us one more posting!

Anonymous said...

John - I will forever remember your kindness and support. Hoping you stay a bit longer but understand the hours involved.


Ken said...

Thank you. Any day you post is a better day.

No justice, no peace said...

Good luck JinC, you will be missed.

I certainly hope your new responsibilities put you in a position to answer the destructive lunacy of the race, gender, and class warfare frauds.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

I'll be back tomorrow if you will!


Walt said...

While I have not posted at your site, I found it most interesting and informative. Good luck in whatever you do, JinC. You are one of the good guys.


Anonymous said...

John: You have my admiration and my respect. You and your blog was a daily "fix" that I will miss. You are an honorable man of conviction and principle. Best wishes always. Steve in New Mexico