Monday, May 18, 2009

Pelosi & A Truth Too Hot To Handle

Excerpts from a WSJ editorial – “Panetta's Pelosi Smackdown: A truth too hot to handle”

Note especially WSJ’s stinging close:

Our guess is that Nancy Pelosi will come to regret her accusation on Thursday that CIA officials lied to her about their interrogation of terrorists.

It took only a day for the agency to fire back, in the form of a statement from Director Leon Panetta, a Democrat, an Obama appointee and a long-time California Congressional colleague of the House Speaker. …

Mrs. Pelosi is now caught in a humiliation of her own design that will only escalate if she insists on an interrogation "truth commission." To adapt a famous phrase, we're not sure her reputation can handle the truth.
Isn’t that the truth!

The entire editorial’s here.


Anonymous said...

What did the Speaker know, and when did she know it? Seems like Madam Speaker is developing some positively Nixonian qualities. It couldn't happen to a nicer person. Once again, the folks who promised to clean up the culture of corruption have been hoist on their own petard.

Orson Buggeigh

Anonymous said...

The editorial makes a point that CIA wasn't Bush 43's cheering section after the WMD fiasco. In fact, they did all they could to undercut Bush at avery turn. Ironically, because of that, the Agency was a potential friend of Pelosi and her fellow Dems until this imbroglio. I still say the GOP should not try too hard to unseat Pelosi--she's a gift that just keeps on giving. Jane Harmon hasn't weighed in as much as she could, but I believe that will happen very soon. Harmon would love to get her talons into San Fran Nan, and all she needs to do is drive home the fact that she wrote a letter opposing the interrogation methods which Pelosi refused to co-sign.
Tarheel Hawkeye