Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sacbee's Babin's Easy To Replace

Last Thursday Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi charged the CIA lied to her and misleads Congress and the American people "all the time."

Friday Rex Babin, political cartoonist for McClatchy's liberal/leftist Sacramento Bee, decided to say nothing about Pelosi's incendiary remarks which, if true, mean the nation's top security agency systematically lies during congressional briefings, which in each instance of lying would be a felony crime.

Babin instead gave Bee readers this cartoon:

Some people say we should worry when partisan hacks like Babin lose their jobs.


Don't many other individuals and groups such as George Soros paid flacks, the Code Pink crowd, NPR, universities, and Sacramento-based leftist groups already make available at no direct cost to Bee readers the same kind of selective and nasty political graphics Babin provides?


Anonymous said...

Isn't that cartoon wickedly critical of President Obama? That's how this conservative views it, at least.

Personally, I don't see anything remotely funny about Pelosi's recent accusations and actions that would lend itself to a cartoon. Maybe the cartoonist doesn't either. But, Obama's about face on releasing the "torture" pics, as well as the dems flip flopping views on what they consider torture (a picture of Cheney in spandex) is comically absurd.

JWM said...

Anon @ 535,

Pelosi's accusations last Thursday weren't funny, but they did put her in the absurd position of claiming she, the Congress and the American people had all been lied to and are misled by the CIA "all the time."

Yet all Pelosi said she did about it was try to elect more Dems to Congress.

And her statements Thursday follow her previous "I don't remember" statements.

No, her remarks aren't funny, but they're easily parodied.

The cartoon cast VP Cheney as a torturer which is the liberal/leftists main line of attack on him.

Note also the folder from which the "photos" were taken is labeled
"torture photos."

If Babin, an extreme liberal who's attacked the Bush administration for years, was really targeting President Obama, he could've labeled the folder "military prison phonos."

I can't buy you explanation given Babin's history and the actual content of his cartoon.