Wednesday, April 22, 2009

N&O Spins For Tancredo Protesters

Last Thursday I posted N&O Soft-pedals Tancredo Silencing.

It documented McClatchy Company’s liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer’s spin coverage of the mob-like actions of UNC-Chapel Hill student protesters and others who forced the cancellation of former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s Apr. 15 talk and threatened students who brought Tancredo to campus.

Today the N&O again spins for the mob-like Leftist protesters in a story under reporter Martha Quillin’s byline.

The story begins - - -

Undeterred by a protest that derailed a planned speech by former congressman Tom Tancredo last week, a UNC student group has invited another conservative former lawmaker to campus tonight.

Former U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode Jr. was invited by the UNC chapter of Youth for Western Civilization. The former Virginia congressman opposes amnesty for immigrants, doesn't think children of illegal immigrants born in this country should be American citizens, and was an early sponsor of legislation to build a fence along the U.S-Mexico border, according to his Web site.

Tancredo, national chairman of Youth for Western Civilization, came to Chapel Hill on April 14 but left amid a disturbance involving dozens of student protesters and campus public safety officers.

Protesters claimed the incident turned ugly because officers used excessive force, pushing students, pulling one by the hair and spraying mace into some students' faces.

Randy Young, spokesman for the public safety department, said that incident is under investigation. …

The rest of the N&O’s story here.

Nowhere in the N&O’s story does it mention the threats (“we know where you sleep”) protesters directed at the students who sponsored Tancredo’s UNC visit.

The N&O doesn’t tell readers UNC chancellor Thorp issued a statement the day after the Leftists silenced Tancredo.

Thorp apologized to Tancredo, promised disciplinary action against the protesters who are students, and said campus police acted properly.

The N&O also failed to mention Tancredo’s comparison of the protectors' mob-like actions to those of
Nazi street gangs who, in the years before Hitler seized power, did so much to destabilize the democratic Weimar government.

Message to Leftists and others who hate free speech:
Be sure to let the N&O know how much you appreciated today’s story.

Message to N&O readers who believe the N&O’s claim to be fair and accurate and free of political bias: Open your eyes.

Message to Sen. Kerry: Subsidize the N&O out of your own pocket if you like, but don’t force taxpayers to do it.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that there will be a very slanted (negative) account of the speech by Rep. Virgil Goode Jr but a glowing report of the speech given across campus by Ms. Crystal Mangum - talking about her as a victim.

JWM said...

Dear cks,

It'll be no surprise if the N&O slants both stories.

But it may be hard to spot slants because they'll involve pertinent information the N&O leaves out of its stories.

My fingers are crossed that later tonight and tomorrow we'll have videos, audios and a spectrum of eyewitness reports we can use to find out what really happened.

Then we can compare what they tell us with what the N&O says.

I continue to appreciate your commentary as I'm sure most readers do.