Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Raleigh N&O Gets Duke False Accuser Headline Wrong

UNC's Daily Tarheel reports Duke lacrosse false accuser Crystal Mangum will give a talk tonight on campus. KC Johnson's blogs about it here.

But at 12:30 PM ET the liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer's Bulls Eye blog carries the erroneous headline - - -

Duke lacrosse player to speak tonight at UNC

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The Daily Tar Heel reports that the accuser in the Duke lacrosse case, Crystal Gail Mangum, will speak at 6:30 tonight at the Sonja Haynes Stone Black Cultural Center.

Mangum wil speak on “the harsh realities of minority treatment both in the justice system and the media,” according to the event’s press release. Questions from the audience will be screened to prevent questions being asked about the lacrosse scandal.

Read the DTH story here.

And folks, there's more.

On the main page of there are two successive story links:

The links are to identical posts except for their headlines at the N&O blogs Orange Chat (it has the correct headline) and Bulls Eye which blog's post I pasted above.

Folks, the erroneous headline's a reminder of: 1) how much of what the N&O published in Spring 2006 about false accuser Crystal Mangum was wrong; and 2) the N&O's 13-month-long suppression of critically important and exculpatory for the lacrosse players statements Mangum gave the N&O which it only disclosed after the indicted players had been declared innocent by NC's AG.


Anonymous said...

And the N&O wonders why it is the economic fix that it is is? I guess that proofreaders were the first to be let go in the recent firings.

My question about the speech is this - what are Ms. Mangum's qualifications to speak on this particular subject - since she will not (according to the blurb) speak about the case with which she is associated? Has she done grauate work in this field (where and with whom?)? What exactly are her qualifications? She is no victim (how ironic that the blurb about her speech indicates that the sponsoring organizations do not want to discuss guilt or innocence - thus reinforcing a view held a many that Crystal Mangum's accusations were in deed true) - she is a liar who was not prosecuted (as others have been to the full extent of the law) for perpetrating a fraud - a fraud that was aided and abetted by the legal authorities in the city of Durham and by the
administration of Duke University.

I hope that RCD'a attorneys send a good stenographer (I am sure that they will not allow recorfding devices) to take down everything that comes from Ms Mangums lips. I would think that it would be further grist for the suits that have been filed and it may (can a lawyer answer to this?)make it possible to haul Ms. Mangum into court and make her testify under oath - making her liable for her actions.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to here that they will beef up security for this event. Would not want crazed conservatives to riot and disrupt her talk.

Have the pepper spray and tasers ready for the hate-filled lacrosse sympathizers.

Anonymous said...

Liestoppers (on the lacrosse forum) has a posting about the appearance of Crystal Mangum and her publisher Ed Clark. Nothing ever changes - same old lies. Also, she did not take any questions - supposedly has the flu.

Anonymous said...

"I am glad to here that they will beef up security for this event. Would not want crazed conservatives to riot and disrupt her talk.

Have the pepper spray and tasers ready for the hate-filled lacrosse sympathizers."

REALLY!!?? That is so humorous...when do you hear about conservatives rioting? It is not our style. That is more of a "loony liberal" move.

Of course we sympathize with the lacrosse players...they were FALSELY accused! She is the criminal in this, not them! How ridiculous??!!

Anonymous said...

JinC - Both Walt-in Durham and Joan Foster have detailed accounts at Liestoppers and at DIW (Joan's is in the comments section while KC posted Walt's) of Crystal Mangum's appearance yesterday evening. It is amazing that she still claims that she was rpaed. What even more so is that she feels that everyone is "out to get her" - that the big money pay-off for her "tribulations" has been denied her by the media which is working in cahoots with the families of the lacrosse players to make certain that "her story" is never told.

Anonymous said...

To 10:52:

I am the 4:27 who suggested that security be ready with the pepper spray and tasers. I was being facecious.

The university security presence there was one female officer who conspicuously strode in when the program began. This show of force clearly kept the blog hooligans in line. She could easily have read a book or something (even though Clark was better entertainment) as there was no security needed.

Prior to the event, there were no admonishments to behave or be civil (which I understand were given and needed at the Goode event) and the sponsors presented no "ground rules" (recording, how questions would be handled, etc.).

I did not sense that anyone got the "evil eye" like Debrah (the Diva) did at the recent racism conference at Duke.


The lengthy post at DIW (other than Walt's) is mine, not Joan Foster's.

My analysis and comments were submitted to DIW very early this morning but I don't know if Prof. J has had time to sort out the posts that arrived after midnight.

JWM said...

To 10:34,

I read your first comment as facetious but can understand others might not.

I should have followed your comment with a comment that said that.

Thanks for adding detail about the Tancredo silencing.

I caught that the report at DIW was anon and not Joan Foster.

I tweaked cks' summary to reflect that and used it in a main page post.

Thank you for reporting on last night's travesty.

If you go to my post on Mangum's hustle and whine, I hope you follow the link to the DTH report's thread and read the first comment.

Based on your two comments here and your report posted at DIW, I think you'd appreciate it.

To all others who commented further up this thread,

Thank you and I hope you keep commenting. You add to the blog.

Best to all of you,