Thursday, April 23, 2009

Duke False Accuser’s UNC Hustle & Whine

Duke lacrosse false accuser Crystal Mangum spoke at UNC-Chapel Hill last evening.

Liestoppers Meeting posts Walt-in-Durham’s detailed report of the event followed by extensive commentary.

KC Johnson posts his commentary and Walt-in-Durham’s report. There’s another detailed report, this one anonymous, on KC’s post’s thread.

Carolina’s student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel, reports on the event here. There are two comments on the thread right now, both worth reading.

JinC Regular cks summarizes:

It is amazing that she still claims that she was raped. What’s even more so is that she feels everyone is "out to get her" - that the big money pay-off for her "tribulations" has been denied her by the media which is working in cahoots with the families of the lacrosse players to make certain that "her story" is never told.
Thanks go to Walt-in-Durham and the Anon for reporting the event.

Apparently the video shown by Mangum’s promoter Ed Clark mixes images of Dr. King and the early civil rights struggle with content based on Mangum’s past hustles and whines.

I wish Clark hadn’t done that. He should have more respect for Dr. King and the early struggle.

But as long as Clark’s going to use Dr. King’s courage and legacy and the genuine claims on America of the early civil rights movement to promote Mangum and her “dream,” I’ve a suggestion for him.

He should title Mangum’s future public hustle and whine sessions “$$ Eye$ On The Prize $$”


Anonymous said...

Your title "$$Eye$ on the Prize$$"
was too much. I could hardly stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think UNC has sunk to its lowest ebb, something like this comes along and shows me the people in their liberal arts programs are hopelessly and willfully ignorant. Can they honestly believe that Mangum's story wasn't exploited by the media??
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Someone should let the King Center in Atlanta know that Mangum and Clark are using King in their presentations. They are pretty aggressive at protecting their "brand" and making sure that they are the only ones making money off of the late Dr. King's legacy.