Thursday, December 18, 2008

North Carolina's grand jury gaming

Tarheel Hawkeye writes about it. I comment below the star line.

TH begins - - -

[Why] does North Carolina not keep grand jury transcripts?

As we saw very clearly in the lacrosse frame, the Durham police officers who testified before the GJ that indicted the players obviously perjured themselves.

The NC AG, Roy Cooper, later said "there was no crime" committed against Mangum.

If there was no crime, then what was the GJ told to convince them there had been a sexual assault?

With no evidence of a crime, the police obviously lied to the GJ.

Until the state passes a law requiring GJ transcripts to be made available for legitimate review, police and prosecutors have a license to abuse the system and malicious prosecution cannot be prevented.

North Carolina is one of only three states that doesn't maintain transcripts.

I have the greatest respect for law enforcement professionals, but there is ample evidence that there are many police and prosecutors out there who game the system for their own advantage.

This must end.


The grand jury secrecy in NC which leads to the gaming by corrupt or incompetent prosecutors and police must end.

A major JinC goal in 2009 will be to post and pressure for recordings (text and videos) of grand jury proceedings.

Thanks, TH, for making the case so clearly and concisely.