Sunday, December 14, 2008

Krugman's Car Calumny

That’s what Jonathan Adler titles his post today at NRO.

It follows in full. Then I ask a question below the star line.

On ABC's "This Week" this morning, Paul Krugman repeats the left talking point that Senator Bob Corker led the opposition to the auto bailout because he's the "Senator from Nissan." Nissan has two plants in Tennessee, Krugman noted. Left unsaid is that General Motors — the company leading the push for a bailout — has a plant in Tennessee too. [Also unsaid during the discussion was that, with ten Republicans on-side, Senate Democrats had the votes to push the GM bailout through.] (emphasis added)


Given that Krugman took $50 thousand from Enron during its glory days for what turned out to be a one-day "consultanship," and didn't disclose he'd done that when he wrote an article recommending Enron, why is he often so quick to question other people’s motives?