Tuesday, December 16, 2008

McClatchy Baghdad journos approve shoe throwing

McClatchy journalists in Baghdad post at Inside Iraq. Here are excerpts from the Dec. 15 post (Readers note: The “word on the street is McClatchy may “edit” what its journalist wrote.) - - -

Like any event happens in Iraq, the incident of throwing shoes at the President Bush became the main topic of all the nation. When I arrived the office, the useless discussion was already started.

Some of our guys started making jokes about the incident. I

Some of the guys were happy and they were talking about the bravery of the journalist who threw his shoes at the American president.

When I tried to explain my opinion, I was trying to tell the guys that I don't agree with the way the journalist behaved, but I was attacked by them.

One of them said "come on Laith, Bush destroyed Iraq". Another said "he deserves more" while a third one said "he is an occupier." I tried to tell to tell the guys that this is an inslut for Maliki.

As a journalist who believes that his job is to find truth and defend it, I can't blame the journalist for hating the U.S. president because I agree with all the Iraqis (not to politicians of course) that Bush's policy destroyed our country. But we can't just blame the Americans for everything. …


Again, the entire post’s here. but when you get to it it may have been “edited.”

That McClatchy’s Baghdad news bureau is filled with Bush-haters is no surprise.

It’s a safe guess that in McClatchy newsrooms and other news orgs’ newsrooms here in America a lot of journos were happy to see the shoes thrown at President Bush.

I mean, if you’re a leftist, you’re just not going to like Bush.

George Soros and Will Ayers are the kind of guys who get high approval ratings in newsrooms.

McClatchy, of course, insists its journalist are unbiased news gatherers. (Wink!)

Hat tip: McClatchy Watch


Anonymous said...

What these journalist fail to mention (or maybe understand) is that they wouldn't have the freedom to express their opinions if Bush didn't liberate (sorry, destroy) Iraq.

And their 'hero' would have payed with his life (if he'd have the guts to pull off the stunt) if the previous regime was still in power.

Bush and the US gave them freedom and won't dictate how they use it.

Scott S.

Danvers said...

"Shoeing" is an interesting concept!

Perhaps all thinking Americans should start "shoeing" OBAMA (by post to the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC,) to register their distaste for him, his sleazy relationships with Rev Wright, Rezko, Blagojevich the Il Governor. Just make sure that the shoes are not suitable for Michelle - wouldn't want her to become an "Imelda Marcos", she has enough dodgy traits as it is!