Sunday, December 14, 2008

Glenn Reynolds notes AP’s Obama change

An AP story today begins:

“President-elect Barack Obama, relatively young and inexperienced, is facing a rapidly growing list of monumental challenges as he prepares to take the reins of a nation in turmoil.”
Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds comments:
He’s young and inexperienced? Now they tell me. I thought he was fresh and dynamic!
During the recent campaign the story’s reporter, Liz Sidoti, was one of the most “rah-rah” of then Sen. Obama's MSM cheerleaders.

Sidoti’s story today is headlined: "Obama faces heady challenges, and they're growing."


Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope BHO is successful, because if he fails WE fail. Let's not act like Democrats and get wrapped up in Obama derangement syndrome. You don't have to like him to hope for the best.
Tarheel Hawkeye