Thursday, December 18, 2008

McClatchy hack encourages shoe throwing at our President

Kevin at McClatchy Watch posts with disgust a cartoon by the liberal/leftist McClatchy’s Sacramento Bee’s Rex Babin.

Bebin’s cartoon will please hundreds of millions of Muslims and Arabs and those in this country who thought 9/11 was America’s “chickens coming home to roost.”

You can view the cartoon and its comment thread here.

After viewing Babin’s loathsome cartoon, I called him to learn why an American cartoonist would pen something he had to know would be popular with our country’s enemies and encourage those who seek to attack our President.

Babin told me straight out he’d gotten lots of criticism for his cartoon and didn’t like it one bit .

The criticism wasn’t deserved, he said, because “I don’t actually want Bush to take a bullet”

But, Babin explained, “Bush is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. What should he expect?”

Our conversation didn’t go very far from there.

Changing gears - - -

On the “good news for truth-seekers” front, McClatchy Watch reported a few hours ago that
today McClatchy’s stock closed down a whopping 29% @ $1.05.

Advice to Sacbee executive editor Melanie Sill and McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt: There's no conclusive evidence of any connection between the continuing crash of your company’s stock and Babin’s viciousness directed at our President

Still, be careful not to make him mad at you.

We can never be sure what self-righteous ideologues like Babin will do.


Danvers said...

Just imagine the outrage from the MSM if the conservative or Republican media (is there such a thing?) had printed the same cartoon , but with OBIE as the villain.

What a bunch of hypocrites

Anonymous said...

Rex Baboon must work exclusively for the SacBee, I've never seen his "work" before. I guess that's a good thing.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Of course, even if one disagrees with him, at least Babin puts his name to his opinion and defends it.

Seems a little cowardly of you all to hide behind pseudonyms like "John in Carolina" and "Tarheel Hawkeye," particularly when you are making fun of Babin's name.

I wonder what Churchill would say?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - 9:56AM

"Seems a little cowardly of you all to hide behind pseudonyms"

I couldn't agree more strongly. I always use my name and city. What's yours?


JWM said...

To Anonymous @ 10:56,

Churchill used pseudonyms a number of times.

He had great respect for people such as Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison who also used pseudonyms.

As do what he would do, I feel sure he’d point out you’re wrong about my ridiculing Babin’s name.

He might then have a little fun with your name, Anonymous.

He might ask if it takes courage when people ask your real name and you must reply, "It’s Anonymous."

He might sympathize with the problems you undoubtedly have when you try to book an airline or dinner reservation under the name Anonymous.

As a frequent letter-to-the-editor writer, Churchill might point out to everyone listening how difficult it must be for you to convince editors who don’t publish anonymous letters that your case is different: You really are Anonymous and not simply someone commenting anonymously.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he worked in a reference to your courage, but it might not be heard for the laughing of the bystanders.


JWM said...

In the post above "As do what ..." should, of course, be "As to what ..."

I'm sorry for my error.


Anonymous said...

John: Don't you feel just a little bit badly about engaging in a battle wits with someone who is unarmed ?? Naahhhhhhhh Steve in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

To the 10.56: If I was being paid like Baboon is being paid, I'd be happy to give you my name. If, that is, you were to do the same. I guess we better sound the troll alert.
Tarheel Hawkeye