Sunday, November 02, 2008

Reality therapy for Mangum's handlers

(First posted on 11/1)

The post -
Mangum's Last Dance swindle ignores Brodhead - provides context and links related to the reader comment below. You can also get a look at Mangum's handlers in action in this video hosted by WRAL.

The handlers -
Michael Denisoff, a publisher, Vincent Clark, Crystal Mangum’s agent who teamed with her on The Last Dance for Grace swindle's text, and Myra Shird, a former professor who wrote the confused, preposterous intro to The Last Dance - appear in the video to be just the kind of people who'd associate themselves with something like The Last Dance.

I feel certain Mangum's handlers will be angered and reject Anon's comment because it exposes what they're actually doing and reminds them of the responsibilities they bear for their actions.

I look forward to you comments.

Anon begins - - -

I wonder if Mangum's "handlers" have considered the magnitude of the task they have undertaken.

They've cleaned up both her person and her story ...and, for a precious few moments, presented the newly prim former Pole Dancer to the world: clean, sober, the brilliant, high achieving Sister Survivor of Durham Legend.

They have vouched for this reality.

But past is prologue, so how do they keep Mangum from being Mangum again for the rest of her sick, sorry life?

Do they believe that she will be suddenly stable, sober and emotionally "dependable" as the head mistress of her own group home for troubled women?

Like she was in the Navy?

Do her "handlers" want to take responsibility for encouraging others to put their troubled children in her care?

Are they giving the most public job reference ever, that I might hire Crystal and not fear new accusations should she enter the stock room one day with other innocent young men?

They have publicly stated she is a woman of highest character now. They are on record for all time.

What responsibility to they have to me, if I believe them and hire her, or rent an apartment to her, or trust her with my child?

Her memoirs are a litany of various accusations. Has this suddenly ended or is this Crystal's operational manual for life?

But the esteemed Professor and the Agent have now most publicly vouched for her in the most positive terms, stood behind her "history."

Shall they be responsible for anyone who is damaged by Crystal in the future because they were taken in by these assurances of her stability by supposedly serious, credible professionals WHO CLAIM THEY KNOW HER SO WELL?

Shall we ask them straight out if they are vouching for her stability, her sobriety, even her sanity?

Their names are attached to hers now: they have become her most public character references. They vouched for her in every possible way, didn't they?

Now the long future lies ahead.


Anonymous said...

Amen to Anon's comments. Her handlers now bear a heavy responsibility having vouchsafed for Ms. Mangum's fine character. Perhaps she has changed - that somehow in the deep recesses of her soul she realizes that the life she was leading was wrong on so many levels. I would like to believe that that is the case - however, I do not think that is the case - given that she continues to insist that she was raped and that everyone conspired against her. Redemption and change only occur when one first admits the error of one's ways. This she has not done nor will she ever - even pf, and this is a big if, she wanted to, those who enabled her hoax have way too much to lose to let her.

Anonymous said...

Her handlers do not give a f**k. They are hustlers and every bit the grifters that Mangum is. Just as soon as the opportunity for a buck is gone, so are they, moving on to the next hustle and scam. Pathetic individuals who would not know "personal responsibility" if it jumped into their lap and called them Mama. Steve in New Mexico