Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Newspaper cites AP’s dishonesty in Palin hit piece

on Ham at Right Angles posts “Remarkably skewed, little information”

Ham begins - - -

That description could fit The Associated Press in general, not just the Sarah Palin hit piece they did on the natural gas pipeline deal Palin shepherded through a political minefield in Alaska. The Anchorage Daily News, a McClatchy paper that has tried hard to get lefty cred by endorsing the Obama-Biden ticket, at least was honest enough to remark on the AP’s dishonesty:

This report from The Associated Press is a remarkably skewed account with little new information to support the charge it implies. Presumably, readers are supposed to conclude that Palin tilted the gas line bidding toward a favored company, one that had previously employed one of her key staffers.

Here’s the truth: The pipeline terms were not “Palin’s.” They were the terms requested by the sovereign state of Alaska, as provided in the Alaska Constitution.

While Palin did indeed start by proposing very similar bid terms, all of Alaska’s key decisions about those terms and the contract award itself were made through an unusually open public process that culminated in formal and enthusiastic approval from the Alaska Legislature. ...
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If you read the AP's hit piece and the Anchorage Daily News' exposure of it's falsehoods and innuendo, I don't see how you can conclude anything other then the AP put out what it knew was a dishonest story.

What the ADN's exposure makes so clear is how available the people and facts were that would have refuted the AP's claims.

Even if you allow the AP reporters on the story - - JUSTIN PRITCHARD and GARANCE BURKE -- are incompetents, a five minute fact-checking phone call by an AP editor to an ADN editor would have shown the AP's story to be bogus.


Anonymous said...

These people are shameless. When they are out of work and on the street ----- ohh, I forgot ---- "spread the wealth" will take care of them. Grrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

One might ask after of a year of pro-Obama biased reporting, and tearing Gov. Palin apart with rumors and innuendo, The Anchorage Daily News' decides to print the truth about the AP report?

It is called CYA. They were guessing it was too late to make a difference to the CAUSE, so returned to the ruse of fooling the rubes once again.

One could asked how many cancelled subscriptions did they suffer? The people of Alaska saw what was going on from the start. The McClatchy waste-of-ink news media has lost all credibility. They deserve the deep six they are getting.

Anonymous said...

McClatchy still fooling fools?

I have one more point, Melanie Sill at the Sacbee raved about The Anchorage Daily News’ reporting of Gov. Palin.

She piled on all the Democrats’ slanderous innuendo, and rumors without basis, with glee for her column. She actually thanked them for their first rate reporting, although we now know it was nothing but political hit jobs.

McClatchy and the AP, so crooked we will need a corkscrew to dig them a grave.