Sunday, November 02, 2008

Libertarian Mike Munger for NC Governor

(First posted on 10/31)

If you’re a North Carolina voter, I hope Libertarian Mike Munger is your choice for our state’s next Governor.

Some voters who admire Munger say a vote for a third party candidate is “wasted.”

That’s not the case this year in North Carolina.

At least not if you want to send a “STOP” message to both major parties who in recent year have abandoned NC’s traditional “pay as you go” budget policies in favor of policies favoring bloated, “spend now” budgets with some tax increases, but which rely mostly on long-term bond debt the citizens won’t notice.

North Carolina's now taking on long-term debt with as little thought to the future as Freddie and Fannie gave it before they went belly-up and dumped billions in debt on unsuspecting taxpayers.

The Winston Salem Journal recently estimated NC’s budget debt this year as already at $243 million and likely to grow.

Both NC’s major parties are responsible for that.

But the Libertarians, with their emphasis on efficient, accountable government kept as small as possible consistent with the public good are crying “STOP.”

You can add your voice to that cry with a vote for Mike Munger for Governor.

The candidates of both major parties count on splitting 98 or 99 % of the vote between them.

So while they bend a little this way or that way to voter sentiment, it’s mostly business as usual regardless of which major party’s in control in Raleigh.

But what would happen if just 10% of us cast votes this year for Munger for Governor?

Both parties would know they can no longer take those voters for granted.

They’d realize a sizable number of voters were paying attention and wanted something other than just more spending, more tax increases and growing debt.

That’s my short case for the Libertarian Party. You can read more about NC’s Libertarian Party at it’s Web site here.

And that’s where, if you don’t know much about Mike Munger already, you can begin learning about him.

He's a professor and chair of the Political Science Department at Duke University, author, activist citizen, blogger at Kids Prefer Cheese, and a guy with a very good sense of humor (that, IMHO, counts for more than the professorship).

Be sure to visit Mike's campaign Web site, Munger 2008.

I’ll also be posting on him late this evening.

I hope many of you are persuaded to vote for him for Governor.

You’ll be helping send a powerful message to Raleigh.


Anonymous said...

I got both of my degrees in political science. For this reason, I have a very strong bias about political scientists who run for office - I tend to fear the prospect of them running things.

However, I like this guy and voted for him after hearing him on NPR this morning. I hope he gets the 2% he needs to keep the Libertarians on the ballot in the future.

For those leery of Libertarians, he is not one of those purists who essentially believes in anarachy. He sees government as having many important functions, he just does not believe the State is God.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I am not voting for Munger. My parents are still beating themselves up over voting for Ross Perot. Perot gave us Clinton, Munger gives us Obama? I am too young to have that hanging over my head for the rest of my life.

JWM said...

To Anon @ 5:03,

Thanks for your comment.

I plan to post it on the main page.

To Archer 05,

You've been bang on many times and add to this blog.

But Munger is running for Governor.

Thanks to you both.


Anonymous said...

I watched one of the debates and Munger was very impressive. So was McCrory. Perdue was pathetic.

I'm still making up my mind.

I have a real hurdle with the "wasted vote" issue. If I helped elect Perdue by voting for Munger instead of McCrory, it would kill me.

Sorry to be negative but I'm not with you on this one.

Anonymous said...

McCrory or Munger.

I'm trying to decide.

Perdue is off the screen.

Anonymous said...

Here's one more Munger or McCrory voter.

I probably won't decide until I get the ballot.

Kinston's my home