Monday, October 27, 2008

Two AP stories:it's easy to connect the dots

At the Asheville Citizens-Times site this morning are two AP stories.

#1 dot – “McCain derisive of Obama in battleground states” – begins:

Republican John McCain increasingly is focusing his campaign's message on an institution that may be even less popular than President Bush and one he's been a part of most of his adult life: Congress.

Sweeping through key battleground states, the senator from Arizona directed about as much criticism at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as he aimed at Democratic rival Barack Obama. ….

Yes, indeed, that "derisive" John McCain. What a contrast to the AP's candidate, the "brilliant" "exciting" "histor-making" but never "derisive" Barack Obama.

And now the other story - - -

#2 dot – “Newspapers see 4.6 pct circulation drop” - which begins:

Newspapers are seeing a sharper drop in circulation.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations says average daily circulation is down 4.6 percent in the April-September period, compared with last year.

Last year's drop was only 2.6 percent among the papers reporting comparable circulation totals. ...

Folks, the AP still insists its a serious news organization serving much of MSM which strives to bring you the news without favoring either major political party or their presentential candidates.

That's bosh, of course, and I'll bet almost all of you can look at these two stories and connect the dots.


Anonymous said...


With most (all) the major newspapers in the bag for Obama, its hard to feel good about the future. Then I checked the McClatchy (MNI) stock price: it closed at $2.22.

Soon they'll be gone. They won't be missed.


Anonymous said...

More about McClatchy stock-

Update: -McClatchy’s bargain basement sale-

McClatchy’s [52-Wk High] was $17.23. Stock watchers said McC. set their stock firewall at $5 when discussing the downturn. They hoped the layoffs would hold the line there, and then start to climb in value. I think they are rearranging the deck chairs once again.

MNI = $2.22
I am not sure when a stock drops off the NYSE. MNI delisted, and who cares?