Monday, October 27, 2008

More Obama warnings

They come from JinC Regular Jack in Silver Springs and are shared by many of us - - -

Link #1: Democrats may eliminate tax benefits of 401k - here is the link:

Link #2: Obama's Socialist Roots (in the New Party [NB Beware of anything that says, New]):

Link #3: Obama's radio interview in 2001 advocating income redistribution (audio only) [and previously posted at JinC but not to be missed if you care about the capitalist system.]

Given the polls at this time, I think we are in for a rough future.


Thanks, Jack.

Millions are doing what they can to prove the polls wrong.

Who wants in America the system that failed in Russia and East Germany, and is now failing in North Korea and Cuba?

Even Rev. Wright won't want it if he has to give up his 10, 000 sq. ft. retirement home on that golf course.


Anonymous said...

Re: Millions are doing what they can to prove the polls wrong.
Fairfax Registrar Must
Count Military Ballots

Military absentee votes will be counted in Fairfax County, Virginia thanks to an opinion just issued by Virginia's Attorney General Bob McDonnell. The just-issued opinion smacks down the partisan effort by Fairfax registrar Rokey Suleman who -- [contrary to federal law] -- was requiring military absentee ballots to show the address of the witness countersigning the ballot.

Anonymous said...

John, if you haven't done so, take the 27 minutes to listen to this speech- horrifyingly, it is all still applicable now.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm - haven't we been doing redistribution since the IRS was invented? Of course it is wrong!

Anonymous said...
-snip- this recap from a spring 1996 meeting of the Chicago chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, which has a 34-year-old Obama talking redistribution at the beginning of his political career -snip- A true welfare system would provide for medical care, child care and job training. While Barack Obama did not use this term, it sounded very much like the “social wage” approach used by many social democratic labor parties. -snip-

knowitall said...

How many warnings were we given? I lost count. Just like I'm going to lose count of the money the liberal illuminati are going to spend.