Sunday, October 26, 2008

How McCain could pull an upset

Dick Morris say McCain must do three things - - -

1. - - - Use the stock market crash to highlight the tax issue. With the Dow Jones dropping each day by hundreds of points, this election is being held against a backdrop of economic fear unlike any since the Depression.

Almost every reputable economist agrees that it would be catastrophic to add to the economy's woes by raising the capital gains tax. But Obama is on record as favoring an increase from 15% to 20% and suggested during the primaries that he would consider hitting 28%.

McCain should jump on the issue and challenge Obama to agree to a two-year moratorium on increases in the capital gains tax.

If Obama agrees, McCain will score points for leadership.

If Obama refuses, or ignores the challenge, McCain can attribute much of the drop in the market to the fear of increased capital gains taxation once Obama takes over.

McCain has already scored mightily with his invocation of Joe the Plumber and, polls show, he won the third debate by using the issue of taxes and small businesses. By early this coming week, his advertising will have achieved sufficient levels of frequency to have an impact on the polling.

2. - - - Bring back Rev. Jeremiah Wright. For reasons that are beyond me, John McCain has vowed not to make an issue out of Rev. Wright's extreme anti-American statements. But that should not stop independent expenditure and 527 groups from raising the issue.

A good advertisement would alternate footage of Wright saying "God damn America" and 9/11 was just the "chickens coming home to roost" with an announcer explaining the relationship between the two men.

The narrator might remind voters that it was Rev. Wright who married Barack and Michelle Obama and that Obama himself sat in the pews at Wright's church for 20 years as sermons like these were being given.

It should point out that Obama only distanced himself from Wright a month after his remarks scandalized all Americans and cost him his momentum in the polls.

McCain is likely fearful that the establishment media would condemn him for running the ads. Their very effectiveness would ensure that the liberal media would fall all over themselves to denounce the tactic. But independent groups who want to prevent a leftist takeover of the government should not let liberal organs dictate their campaign tactics or their message.

3. - - - Warn voters of impending socialism in America. The recent bailout legislation puts the United States government inside the ownership, management and direction of many of our major companies and financial institutions. The bureaucrats have entered as firefighters, trying to extinguish the blazes that threaten to consume these companies.

But once the flames are put out, will the firefighters go home or will they set up shop and give the United States a socialist economy akin to that of Western European nations? Will the bureaucrats relinquish the power they are being given in a time of crisis?

McCain needs to point out that bureaucrats never let go of power unless they have to. He should say that with an Obama Administration and a highly Democratic Congress, we could face a long and perhaps permanent period during which entrepreneurial, private-sector capitalism disappears and loan applicants must win government approval for their financing. …

If the Dow continues to terrify investors and distract voters from the election, it will continue to bolster Obama's candidacy and his lead. But if there is some stability in the final week before the election, there is every chance that voters will take another look at Obama and decide that he is too risky.

By stressing the tax issue and the potential of an Obama regime to subvert our free enterprise system, McCain can harness the crisis and warn voters of the impact of a decision to elect the most radical candidate for president in our nation's history.

Morris’ entire column’s here.

I agree with everything Morris says, especially regarding Wright.

Asking why Sen. Obama befriended, adopted as his mentor and financially supported a virulent racist, anti-American preacher who claimed the government deliberately spread the AIDS virus among blacks is something the media and McCain should’ve done last Spring and continued to do until Obama provided satisfactory answers.

It would also have been important to acknowledge that Obama and his wife had a perfect right to take their children to Wright’s church for religious, but to also ask why of all the churches in Chicago they chose Wright’s church.

Almost all media have abdicated their responsibility to ask Obama about Wright and investigate their relationship because they’re in the tank for Obama and afraid he’ll cry race if they do anything but hype for him.

It’s now up to McCain to ask the questions Americans deserved to have answered about Sen. Obama and Rev. Wright.


Anonymous said...

On the web:

The Obama Plan:
Trickle up poverty.

Anonymous said...

John, I think there is something unethical going on here. McClatchy staff writes the following article, but does not say the endorsement came from a sister McClatchy paper. Incest is what that is called, isn‘t it?

Sarah Palin’s hometown [McClatchy] paper, what else would we expect? Unless I missed it, there was no mention that they are both McClatchy papers. Ms. Sill spilled the beans while bashing Gov. Palin at the Sacbee.

Sarah Palin's hometown paper
endorses Barack Obama
McCLatchy Newspapers, by Staff

“Like picking Sen. McCain for president, putting her [one 72-year-old heartbeat] from the leadership of the free world is just too risky at this time”

Now read a quote from our favorite Melanie Sill (She drips with elitism) about Sarah Palin coverage at the Sacbee: “Over the next few days, I returned often to one outstanding source:, the Web site of the
*** [Anchorage Daily News, our McClatchy sister paper.”]***

Anonymous said...

Just returned from standing in line for 4 hours in Asheville, NC to see Sarah Palin at the Civic Center and we still COULDN'T GET IN! There were over 7,000 in the civic center; 2,000 in the adjacent auditorium, and about 2,000 more still wrapped around the blocks outside the Civic Center, still hopeful and waiting up to the very hour she was to arrive. When it was clear that we would not be able to get in , we left very disappointed. But we are greately heartened by one thing: that is the knowledge that this campaign is still very much alive in Western North Carolina. Ou local TV Station
( WLOS TV) claims that they are having internet trouble and cannot provide the live feed. Really? I wonder. WLO is an ABC Affiliate. I just wonder about the "trouble" they are having. Nevertheless, close to 10,000 people bought buttons, wore t-shirts, and chanted "Palin, Palin". Little kids were there. I talked to a seven year old little boy who was in front of me all those hours and he had BEGGED his mom to bring him here. People in wheel chairs were finally given preference and admitted about an hour before the lines closed.

It ain't over yet folks, as we say in North Carolina!

knowitall said...

The reason McCain left Rev. Wright alone, is because he said he would do that in the primaries. He should have done it anyway, the left-wing illuminati said they would take public financing and didn't.