Sunday, October 26, 2008

Overflow crowd at Palin NC rally

With so many MSM news orgs deep in the tank for Sen. Obama, citizen journalists are stepping up and providing much of this year's reliable campaign reporting.

The following is from a JinC Anon. Let's see how what this citizen journalist reports stacks up with what we get tomorrow from Obama NC newspapers such as the Raleigh N&O and the Durham Herald-Sun.

Anon reports - - -

Just returned from standing in line for 4 hours in Asheville, NC to see Sarah Palin at the Civic Center and we still COULDN'T GET IN!

There were over 7,000 in the Civic Center; 2,000 in the adjacent auditorium, and about 2,000 more still wrapped around the blocks outside the Civic Center, hopeful of gaining admittance to the center or auditorium and waiting up to the very hour she was to arrive.

When it was clear that we would not be able to get in , we left very disappointed.

But we are greatly heartened by one thing: that is the knowledge that this campaign is still very much alive in Western North Carolina.

Our local TV Station ( WLOS TV) claims that they are having internet trouble and cannot provide the live feed.

Really? I wonder. WLOS is an ABC Affiliate. I just wonder about the "trouble" they are having. [Yes, Anon, and remember the "trouble" Charles Gibson had understanding what Gov. Palin was saying about God. He told her she was wrong. She was right. ABC has never corrected or apologized. - - JinC]

Nevertheless, close to 10,000 people bought buttons, wore t-shirts, and chanted "Palin, Palin". Little kids were there. I talked to a seven year old little boy who was in front of me all those hours and he had BEGGED his mom to bring him here.
People in wheel chairs were finally given preference and admitted about an hour before the lines closed.

It ain't over yet folks, as we say in North Carolina!


Folks, I keep hearing from other bloggers that at McCain-Palin rallies they've attended, the MSM have underreported the size and enthusiasm of the crowds.

Could that be because the crowds at those rallies don't cheer loud and long enough as the MSMers think the crowds should when they step off their press buses?

Whatever the case, thank you Anon.


Thunder Pig said...

I am a conservative blogger from the region, but dd not attend due to the NCGOP not sending me credentialling information upon request after speaking to both Somer Grasser and some guy named Ryan or Brian on the phone.

I was monitoring 9 live feeds from my home, and they all went dead...probably because they all had simultaneous connections to the Internet and there was no pool feed (that I could tell), every camera had a slightly different angle. T

There were a couple of guerrilla feeds from the crowd, but those eventually went down as well.

WLOS was the first to lose theirs, and all of the ones I knew about failed as well. I did not know about the WRAL feed...did it last?

They could have used an IT guy, or at least a tech advisor.

The good thing about this rally is that the complete thing will be available because the party favorites were inside with VIP access and they were filming for the local public access TV Station. If they edit the video in a timely fashion, I'll have it on my blog in the next day or three.

I was at a McCrory Rally on Saturday and recorded it.

knowitall said...

The mainstream media illuminati will not give credit to anyone but the elitist and their stadium crowds.