Tuesday, October 28, 2008

See Wright's house the Obama's helped build

President-presumptive Barack Obama and his wife Michelle took their children to the anti-white, anti-American Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for religious instruction.

That tells us how much the Obamas admire and agree with Wright except when he says Barack Obama doesn't believe the things he says about disagreeing with Wright because Obama is "just another politician. "
Now from a news org that's not part of Obama's MSM Tank Corps - Fox News - we see and learn about the luxury house the Obamas' money has helped build for the hate spewing Wright. Four garages, Greek columns (what else), and right on the golf course. are just part of the tour.


Anonymous said...


There is some interesting information out there, which I don't know how to access, that shows the incomes of McCain vs Obama, and the relative amounts each donated to charity ( which is VOLUNTARY redistribution of wealth, instead of the stealing Obama advocates).

If I recall correctly, Mc Cain had an income of over $200,000 and gave at least 10% to charity.

Also, if I recall correctly, Obama had an income of over $3 MILLION, and gave roughly $300 to charity.

My figures may be off a bit, but the contrast was what hit me.

Obama doesn't really believe in "fairness" or "justice" if it means HE has to give anything up. He just wants to administer MY forced "contributions."

I don't think that is FAIR.

Anonymous said...

Fox News is just Rupert Murdoch's way of keeping the rubes amused. You people will fall for anything.

Anonymous said...

Yup, and George Soros entertains the rest of the bozos.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

I can imagine Reverend Wright on his golf course with his Ping putter and bag of Calloway clubs that are worth more than the car I drive.

He steps up to the green, putts, and misses. He ruminates on how the racists of this country forced him to blow that putt, shakes his Ping at the heavens, and screams "God Damn America."

Anonymous said...

Michelle Malkin has a photo of Wright’s home with this caption:
Spread the wealth!

There is also a Fox video tour of his actual house with huge pillars.
The video includes Wright’s infamous phrases, which are ridiculous juxtaposed against his words about “Rich white people.”

Seeing is believing if you have time.

Malkin also writes after the video-

God damn America!
Here’s your wealth-spreading, redistributive change in action.