Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's racist mentor's mansion cum golf course

Archer05 sends along - - -

Michelle Malkin has a photo of Wright’s home with this caption:
Spread the wealth!

There is also a Fox video tour of his actual house with huge pillars.

The video includes Wright’s infamous phrases, which are ridiculous juxtaposed against his words about “Rich white people.”

Seeing is believing if you have time.

Malkin also writes about the video-

Here’s your wealth-spreading, redistributive change in action.

An Anon sends along the following that left me smiling - - -

Anonymous said...

I can imagine Reverend Wright on his golf course with his Ping putter and bag of Calloway clubs that are worth more than the car I drive.

He steps up to the green, putts, and misses.

He ruminates on how the racists of this country forced him to blow that putt, shakes his Ping at the heavens, and screams "God Damn America."


Anonymous said...

Imagine if you will a group of plumbers had given Joe The Plumber a million dollar mansion on a golf course. The Ohio democrats and the MSM would go ballistic looking for problems. Did Joe report the $1,000,000 gift on his state and federal taxes? Has he paid those taxes ($390,000 federal alone under Obama's plan)? Can he afford it? I don't see anyone asking these questions about Rev. Wright.